Midnight Musing…

I was up to 3 am last night (well, this morning really as my literalist son would point out.) I just couldn’t sleep last night, too many ideas running through my head. Designs and paintings I only wish I could execute as they appear in my mind’s eye.

…Like that skinny Candy Apple Chic with pink pigtails and red striped stockings at the Woodstock Fair…

…and that last evening, just as the fair was closing with a hint of dusk and the hot air Balloons Over the Fairgrounds

…or Rapunzel’s tower that was left standing when the old mill building was being torn down…

So many projects floating around in my head…

…the picture of Princess Mehetabel. I simply must paint it..

I just couldn’t wait on that one!

…Oh and Liv’s Cross Mittens (she wants her fingers covered!) payment for modeling and because I’m just so fond of her. I think acrylic, washable and the wool was too itchy. Comfort over fashion for her, smart chicky. …

Ellie wants some too, with Pink and Purple and Teal stripes. I think a worsted weight for her and candy stripes. Vertical, not horizontal. A nice soft wool, the other was too itchy.

Then there’s Tiny’s Sweater I never did finish. I need to remake it, forgot the leash hole and I vaguely remember Tangy wanted it in Red! If I keep it simple I can get it don fast.

Oh yes, this morning the Press-Pot cozy was a priority.

Then there’s the hat that goes with “Joy” the Little Star Mitts it needs a visor and it would be so darn cute. I want it stiff and washable, so cardboard is out, maybe a recycled milk carton. I see experiments on the horizon.



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