The Super Simple Customizable Crocheted Fingerless Mitts with a really long name…

My kiddos didn’t want to share the computer today, and I was too busy re-working “Liv” for the umpteenth time to care. So, sorry for those of you who might have been waiting for this with baited breath! I think there might actually be two of you out there who read this blog!

When I posted about the fingerless mitts on an Etsy chat, there was a disappointed person (who’s name escapes me, or I’d mention him/her here) who wanted a crocheted pattern. Well, I got right on it. So… drum roll please, introducing, by popular demand…


This pattern can be adapted to fit any hand. It is basically a rectangular swatch of single crochet that you fold in half and add a tube of double crochet for the cuff and a tube of single crochet for the thumb. It only requires simple single crochet and double crochet. I have created a cheat sheet for you to write your measurements on so that you (hopefully) have two matching mitts. Print out this customizable pattern here!

Thank you, thank you, your response is overwhelming. (CozyColeman bows.)


  1. #1 by Happy House Quilts on November 15, 2007 - 3:18 am

    very cool! Jodi

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