Yesterdays Adventures in knitting

My good friend commissioned a doggy sweater for her little Chihuahua last year! I made one, but forgot the hole for the leash. Then I got fancy and made a cabled version, but I never finished that one because I messed up at the beginning and didn’t notice until the end and just couldn’t bring myself to frog such a fancy cable! It went on the back burner…

Flash forward to the day before yesterday. This same friend calls and wants to stop by for lunch. I hardly ever get to see her and really enjoy her company. (So refreshing to be around people with a sense of humour!) I think about the doggy sweater with a pang of guilt. It’s getting colder by the day and I can just see the poor little rat (I mean dog) shivering in the impending snow. I opened a drawer and saw the almost-done doggy sweater, a gorgeous celtic knot cabled thing in fisherman’s wool. . . but I think she wanted it in red. I glance at my stash. Some red red Patons meriono dangles over the edge of the shelf as if to say “pick me, pick me!” I hate guilt. I hunt down the pattern. Can’t find it. Ok, np, just copy this one. I cast on. Get the collar done, start a few cables, don’t forget the button hole this time. But it’s taking forever. . . maybe a simpler cable, after all I only have one day. . .

I frog it. Cast on again, get a few rounds done. Now I’m being interrupted again by the girls. They have friends over and it seems to be this constant game of big kids vs little kids. (Sigh.) I get back to my knitting after lunch and mopping up the spilled gallon of milk. The phone. Now I can knit and talk on the phone. But complex cables… The person on the other end doesn’t usually like my silence. I finally get back to my knitting at around 4pm. I click away frantically until about 1 am. The back is done, and half of the front. I can finish that much in the morning. I go to bed.

Next day (yesterday.) I get up, rush through my morning routine, (ok I skipped some of it altogether) and knit. The kids can get their own damned breakfast. I knit. Done. I hate sewing seams. Add the little doggy arms, on 4 needles, why does that take so much longer? Ooh it’s so cute!
We had a loverly visit. And then…


As I laughed maniacally, my children came running to see if I had, indeed finally gone mad… little do they know…

It’s in the mail.


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