Today’s Adventures in Homeschooling.

When I read my eloquent friends’ blogs and wonder why I am just not anymore… I’m going to get a marble. Make sure my tower don’t fall, OK? . . . I can’t seem to follow a thought. . . OK mommy? . . . to completion . . .OK mommy? . . . Having children reduces you to 3 word sentences . . . OKAY MOMMY? . . . OK Hetta! . . . Homeschooling them means they are always with you . . . Mom get this off me now! (a note of panick) Mom! Mom! I can’t get my shoes off and him (referring to sister) won’t help me! . . . A L W A Y S. . . What about these scissors?. . . which has reduced me to complete . . . What about these scissors can we bring these? . . . and utter Why can’t they just share these scissors? gibberish! What about these scissors can we bring these? believe it or not Iactually used to write poetry! Pretend you’re a bunny hop, hop, hop… laa, dee, laa, dee, hop, hop, hop” . . . oh! cr#% NOT WITH THE SCISSORS! . . . but now my children actually understand me when I tell them to Gigglydiggly doo from the blubububub!” You see, homeschoolers are really good at foreign languages! Mom Hetta left the tops off the markers they’re all dried up! Our homeschool craft day meets today. Finding supplies is always a challenge. . .

. . .OH SH%& I just knocked over the tower!



  1. #1 by Diana on March 19, 2008 - 6:08 pm

    heehee – I can just picture the chaos of trying to write a blog with the kids interrupting!

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