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Tu B’Shevat

Tu B’Shevat was last week and we celebrated with our Hebrew School.

Lollipop Tree

Lollipop Tree

We served a special snack of tree fruits and nuts including Jewish Starfruit. (You have to search and search, but you can find 6-pointed star fruit!)

Lollipop Tree sign

The sign reads: To celebrate Tu B'Shevat our Hebrew School students have planted a lollipop tree. Please feel free to harvest this most delicious fruit. (One per customer, please)

And, as a fun addition to our Hebrew school traditions, we planted a lollipop tree!

Two weeks ago we planted the “seed” (cut the top off the lollipop and put it in a pot of dirt).

We watered it with sparkles. That way everyone could water as much as they liked without the soil turning into mud soup.

The comments from our worldly students were fun:
Jacob:  “I’ll bet you’re just going to take a stick and tape lollipops to it”
Derek:  “You’re just going to stick lollipops in the dirt.”

My response, with a smile, “You are so smart!”

Only our youngest class even remotely thought we’d grow a real tree, and even they looked very suspicious.

Derek very rightly informed us that “you aren’t supposed to harvest a fruit tree for three years.”

“It’s a good thing this is just pretend, then,” I said, “because I wouldn’t want to have to wait three years to eat my lollipop, would you?”

Even our Bar Mitzvah class joined in (and we thought they’d be too old for such silliness)

When our students showed up on Sunday, they found their tree.  They had been very close to the truth.  I had set a branch in an apple juice container ( a milk carton would work too) and poured concrete in to anchor it down and make the “tree” more stable. Then I re-planted it in the pot, covering the base with dirt to hide it. Then, with the help of my kids, I glued lollipops all over it. We use Yummy Earth Lollipops, which in my opinion are the best around, they are all natural with no dyes, preservatives or high fructose corn syrup. And best of all they are Kosher too!

Ari reaches the Lollipop Tree

Ari reaches the Lollipop Tree

Everyone enjoyed lollipops. Even my 7 month old baby managed to crawl all the way over to the tree. (He only just figured out crawling the day before.) The promise of sticky sweet lollipop is a great motivator.

For more fun activities and ideas for Tu B’Shevat, visit Baum’s blog.


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