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Childbirth Education Doll in Yet Another Book.

RegretsyI’m starting to get jealous of my Childbirth Education Doll. She’s been published twice now, once in the Regretsy book by April Winchell and now in this book by Lela Nargi entitled Astounding knits. This book  has some really cool stuff in it, including a sweater-covered- bus, a 200 foot plush rabbit and a life-sized knitted tree!

This publication is much kinder to her than the last one that covered the childbirth doll. Regretsy was downright snarky, saying “Your kid is going to grow up to hate you”. In contrast, Lela is now my new BFF:

“Really Gives Birth! To Real Crocheted Newborn!”

Astounding Knits is available on

“There was no sensationalizm intended in the original birthing doll Rhode Island mom Sharon Coleman crocheted out of wool several years ago. ‘I designed it as an educational tool for my then-three-year-old daughter when I was pregnant with her little sister,’ she explains. But Internet responses to the pattern for the doll Coleman now sells on her Etsy shop ran the gamut-from simply surprised to downright disgusted.
The latter response strikes the average mom as sligltly bizarre; after all, what could be more natural than childbirth? And for a crafty mom, what could be more natural than explaining the experience to her child using crochet?”

-from Astounding knits.






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Beauty That Comes From a Storm

water dripping inside my house

Water dripping inside the windows.

There has been a lot of banter lately about the weather in New England this winter. Snow storm upon snow storm… roofs leaking from ice dams and collapsing under the weight of the snow. Our home has fallen victim to the former. Our most recent addition was an ice storm. Freezing rain and sleet and snow coming down for the better part of a day. I remember, vividly, my first ice storm. I had never seen one before having grown up in milder climates. It was awe inspiring, breathtakingly beautiful.

Call it what you will.

Fir tree covered in ice.

God, Mother Nature, the Source of all.

These are the things that bring me closer to my own sense of spirituality: the awesome power of nature…

and the amazing beauty of the world we live in…

Branches encased in gleaming ice.

beauty that comes from a storm.

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