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Tallis Catastrophe, Roman Blinds, and Blanket Boy

Hetta with Tallis sketchI started work on the tallis. First printing out my sketch and tracing it in pencil, then outlining it in gutta. Then I made a very, very stupid mistake and washed it before setting the gutta… All my outlines washed off, except, of course, the pencil which I can’t get out, because I didn’t use my water based pencil, but a graphite one instead… Don’t ask me where my brain was… I will use the excuse of a nursing toddler going through molars and a growth spurt and keeping me up at night. So the tallis is a bust, and I’ll have to start over. Good thing I buy the silk in bulk.

So in my frustration, I put it aside for a bit and went to work on a home improvement project I’ve been wanting to do for ages.  Hetta picked out the fabric (with a little influence from mom) … I convinced her that the pink sequined butterfly satin would be too flimsy for a roman blind and possibly not go so well with the blue sky and clouds painted on the walls.Roman blinds closedI used this tutorial, and with a few minor changes, am very, very happy with it. Thank you for the excellent tutorial. I used washers instead of the brass rings, those darned things would have cost me almost $20 at $6 for 15 of them at JoAnne, and since I’d already spent more than I’d anticipated on the fabric… I bought 100 washers for $6 at Lowes and used those instead. They work just fine.  The girls were so excited, that they wanted to help every step of the way, and even cleaned their room a bit.

Roman Blinds open I steamed the folds so they would lay flat when pulled up. The tutorial says they will eventually do this, if you fiddle with them every time you pull them up until the fabric “remembers” on its own… Well, I figured I’d help it along a bit, cause who has time for all that fiddling? Ya think the girls’ll do it? Ya, me either.

I have plans to do some in my bedroom too. I am also going to make some for my kitchen with a map of the world on it. How convenient will that be for the upcoming school year? A pull down map of the world in my kitchen… of course we’ll see how that fits into my hectic schedule. So far, I have a sketch done in illustrator, thanks to a free vector download of the world map.

But tomorrow and Friday are earmarked for tallis work if I can fit it in. My awesome, amazing, and thoughtful husband plans on playing hooky from work to take the kids to the “ocean beach” (as they like to call it) on Friday.

Oh, and signing off with this: My littlest has become very attached to his blanket. He takes it everywhere he goes. So far we have managed to convince him to leave it in the car when we go to the beach. I must admit, as an old blankey devotee myself, that I find this very endearing.

Ari and Blankey


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Rowan’s Felted Monster Purse

Felted Monster Purse

This pattern was created by my (at the time) 6 year old daughter. She won several ribbons for it in local fairs.

It is a very simple knitting pattern that any beginner can do and comes out fabulous.

The nice thing about it, is that it is felted and so hides any mistakes in the knitting. It is very satisfying for a brand new knitter to be able to make a project that looks great without “frogging” (ripping out: “rip-it! rip-it!”)  every row and knitting them two or three times due to dropped or added stitches. You end up learning right away how to increase and decrease and “fudge” mistakes the way experienced knitters do. Any problems disappear in the felting. How fun to have a project you can use right away that isn’t  just a boring old scarf!

Rowan is selling this pattern for $2. through my Ravelry shop. 50% goes to Rowan to support her healthy yarn and beading addiction and 50% to tzedeka (charity).

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My gnome was on TV!

As seen on Better Connnecticut…

Thanks Audrey!


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Childbirth Education Doll: Ida Faye Baskin

This is Ida Faye Baskin
…and her baby boy.

As you can see, he was born in a beautiful and easy homebirth.

Her midwives have requested no photography, because, until very recently, midwife attended homebirth has not been legal in her home state of Rhode Island.

But Ida Faye knows that it the



way for her and her to welcome her baby into the world.

The only way to give birth in a truly natural way. 


Thankyou to all the wonderful midwives who continue to take the risks to support our ability to birth naturally!

If you are a hospital midwife, obstetrician or other childbirth professional, please visit my etsy site to purchase a mama doll.

If you own a homebirth midwifery practice and would like your very own Mama Doll, please contact me through my etsy site I offer a considerable discount for homebirth midwives.

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A Growing Herd of Unicorns

Lots and lots of nunicorns… the herd is growing! more pics on flickr and etsy.

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My Mom’s Toy Unicorn “Middling” was Sewn from a Pretty Floral Cotton

The middling I had as a child was a tiny flowered cotton print. But the wool felted ones seem so much cuter to me!
Tried a few anyway…


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Today I made a Unicorn

Somebunny’s gonna have a good birthday!

She’s just tooo cute! I’m smitten. Can’t wait to find out her name!

But for now, I’m dubbing her Vernicorn the Nunicorn!

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