July 2011 Projects

I recently saw another Etsy seller who keeps an online log of her works in progress that her customers can see. I thought this was a great idea, especially since I have so many projects going on at once… so here’s mine.

Please note: Names are truncated to protect my customers’ privacy.

Also note ship dates are just an estimate and are subject to change.

July 2011

Customer Description Where I am in the process Estimated Ship Date
ssalin… Custom Tallis Scarf done, Atarah lettering done
Still to do:
Dye parts, sew them on, make fringe and tie tsitsit
mn… Rainbow ABLET Completed. Shipped 7/5/11
stamm… Childbirth Education Doll Completed. Shipped 7/13/11
zippo… Crossword Baby Blanket Kit (YARN INCLUDED) Completed. Shipped 7/8/11
ABLET inc. logo and marketing materials sketching Friday 7/15/11
Donation 2 Chemo Hats firts Hat done, 2nd hat has 2″rib done August 2nd
Kaboogie kaboogie.com website adding content ongoing
upcountry… Rainbow ABLET Completed. Shipped 7/7/11
gladtobe… Stardust ABLET Completed. Shipped 7/7/11
kareng… Rainbow ABLET Completed. Shipped 7/8/11
tehug… Rainbow ABLET Completed. Shipped 7/8/11
Rainbow ABLET Completed. Shipped 7/8/11
Rainbow ABLET Completed. Shipped 7/8/11
Temple Emanuel Lang Judaica Shop
10 kippot From KippahMitzvah stock Shipped 7/8/11
gifford… Rainbow ABLET Completed. Shipped 7/9/11
michelle… Rainbow ABLET Completed. Shipped 7/9/11
smtg22b… Rainbow ABLET Completed. Shipped  7/13/11
katyj… Rainbow ABLET Completed. Shipped 7/13/11
cgsr… Rainbow ABLET Completed. Shipped 7/13/11
lemcm… Rainbow ABLET Completed. Shipped 7/13/11
soules… Rainbow ABLET Completed. Shipped 7/15/11
kholzer… Wood ABLET Completed. Shipped 7/20/11
giddy… Rainbow ABLET Completed. Shipped 7/20/11
cherylg… Rainbow ABLET Completed. Shipped 7/30/11

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