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Step 1: I print out my sketch on paper and piece them together with tape.  This is one of the first steps in the process for every tallis I make.  It takes about 22 pieces of paper for 1 tallis. The numbers aren’t part of the sketch, they just help me piece the whole thing together.

printed out sketch of hamsa tallis

Step 2: Next I trace the outline onto the stretched silk with a water soluble marker.
Hamsa sketch traced on silk

Step 3: Then I go over the traced outline with gutta or water-soluble resist.
Hamsa outlined in gold resist.

All of this was done in the evening.

My studio has fantastic light in the morning but is lacking in artificial light, so come morning I got a good look at the gold outline against the fabric swatch that my client sent. I didn’t like it. So I did some test swatches.

black hamsa outline on mottled taupe background

Sample 1: I like the simple palette of this one, just black, white, and that weird mystery color. In real life, the colors are a perfect match.

black hamsa outline with sparkly accents on pink-grey background

Sample 2: I like the little bit of visual interest that the sparkly pigment adds. The black is a little washed out because I was too impatient to wait for the paint to cure the full 48 hours for the sample.

gold hamsa outline on sparkly pink background

Sample 3: This with the gold outline... I'm not a big fan of the gold against the cooler tones of the sample fabric.

I have shown them here for folks to comment on.

The swatch in the background is a piece from the dress that will be worn.

It is a very challenging color to work with, a sort of grey taupe not quite purple not quite pink not quite beige not quite sure what color it wants to be.

It’s kind of like the mystery meat of the culinary students at RISD. You aren’t quite sure what it is, and maybe you’ll risk it, but maybe you’d rather not… Good thing I like a challenge 😉 Though I never could bring myself to brave the meat!

In case you were wondering… it turns out that hot fuchsia, burnt umber, black and a touch of cobalt blue softened with a whole lot of water makes mystery color #1.


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